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What We Do


EVVO has been involved in IoT implementation since 2016 and is as a leading enterprise IOT platform provider in healthcare, logistics, supply chain and real estate sectors. We enable straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of connected devices within the Internet of Things universe.

We connect your hardware, however diverse, to both public and private clouds by using flexible connectivity options, enterprise-grade security mechanisms, and broad data processing powers. Our IoT platform also provide developers with a set of ready-to-use features that greatly speed up development of applications for connected devices as well as take care of scalability and cross-device compatibility. In short, we can elastically expand any requirement to support mass number of devices and at the same time ensure optimal performance.

Aside from our middleware and how it connects remote devices to user applications (or other devices) and manages all the interactions between the hardware and the application layers, we also build our own IoT devices for our customers. Our disruptive IoMT smart technology such as Dynosense is changing the healthcare landscape in remote patient monitoring as well as sports analytics performance.

EVVO protects all devices and digital assets with advanced security protocols for secure data exchange between device and a variety of methods for device authentication, including non-repudiable authentication that stops unauthorized access to systems and data.

Corporate Wellness

By implementing IoT smart solutions as a proactive approach to sedentary lifestyle, you can help your employees combat common health issues that impact office performance and make your team stay healthier.

Elderly Care

Biometric readings and activities tracking notify healthcare providers or emergency responders of any abnormalities of patients’ health metrics they are monitoring. Our proprietary platform has a bird eye view of patients’ daily health metrics.

Consumer Health

Remote patient monitoring, health record interoperability and new opportunities in the caregiving paradigm for instance medication compliance are few of the most salient features we cover.

Warehouse Management System

Our Smart Warehouse Management System organizes real-time product flows with fleet management for inbound and outbound good and parcels, automate volumetric sortation and provide both live and on demand information on SKUs, workflows and inventory demand. We simplify these functions into one mobility system for our enterprise customer.

Smart Street Lighting

We implement our Smart Street Lighting as a web-based solution with advanced communication and easy integration with existing luminaries installations. It can remotely monitor and manage individual luminaries up to millions of points of light. These connected luminaries hold the key to unlocking huge energy cost savings as well as introducing operational efficiencies through ‘Smart’ ways to manage lighting assets and portfolio. We harness data real time data to improve reduction in power consumption, CO2 emission and light pollution.

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Our Approach

We have a proven and established process workflow to fast track your existing operations into an awesome IoT environment.

Related Case Studies

Remote Monitoring

WL&H (HealthCare Industry)

We enabled remote patient monitoring with our Dyno 50 & Dyno 100 products to track more than 33 vital health metrics for WL&H patients anytime anywhere.

Real Values E-Valuation

OrangeTee (Real Estate Agency)

We enable the Process Automation of internal valuation system and brought it to transparency and productivity for both banks and users.

Smart WareHouse Automation

LazadaExpress (Logistics Industry)

We built a smart solution from the ground up and integrate with their assorted sortation systems to provide live feed of the status of goods and parcels.

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