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The Future of Blockchain Technology for industries in 2023 New

Topic : Blockchain Technology

The global cryptocurrency market size was valued at USD 4.67 billion and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Ways blockchain enhances and benefits your businesses New

Topic : Blockchain enhances

Blockchain’s characteristic is that it can create a trustworthy, and decentralized repository of data and information that can be accessed only by authorized users.

Top Disruptive Web3 Real World
Use Cases New

Topic : Web3 Real World

In recent times everyone's feed is flooded with the term decentralization of the Internet. But in case you are hearing it for the first time and quite confused then let’s clarify this by explaining Web3.

Difference between Web2 vs Web 3
and how it matters? New

Topic : Web2 vs Web 3

The second generation of the Web, widely dubbed as “Web2,” evolved to help users with the surge of user-generated content, social media and easy peer-to-peer communication and collaboration.

Azul Ramps Up Channel Program to
Expand Market Reach for its OpenJDK Solutions

Topic : External

Azul expands its market reach by doubling the channel partner count and saw significant channel success in 2020. Know More.

Distributed Ledger Technology Implementations

Topic : BlockChain

DLT Implementations Require Refreshed Approach to Security. According to New DTCC Paper, the establishment of a DLT Security Framework would:

Top 5 CyberSecurity Open Source Tools

Topic : Cyber Security

Cybersecurity necessities have increased over the years due to rise of cyber threats on small and large organisation...

IOT Essentials and how IOT can become a CashCow in Economic Recession

Topic : IOT

As computing IOT implementation challenges requires careful planning and domain knowledge, there are few points businesses...

Latest Digital Marketing Trends In Singapore

Topic : Media

Scope of Digital Marketing in Singapore is expanding unexpectedly. Here are some key statistics to explain...

BlockChain & Its impact on Industries

Topic : BlockChain

Block Chain is a decentralized, distributed and oftentimes public digital ledger of information collected through a network...

DDOS Attack on AWS

Topic : CyberSecurity

AWS was hit by a DDOS Attack, the incident was due to hit on Route 53 DNS Web offerings bowling out...

eSIMs & 5G

Topic : IOT

The eSIM opportunities are here today and we are talking about hundreds of millions of subsidiary connections and billions of dollars of revenue...

Calibrating the Digital Media Publisher Landscape in Singapore & Indonesia

Topic : Media

Media Publishing Industry in Singapore & Indonesia is Experiencing a digital tsunami from past twelve months...

1st Blockchain-Enabled Smartphone To Shield Data From Theft

Topic : BlockChain

The device comes with a time and performance proven Snapdragon 660 Chipset packaged with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of fixed storage....

Announcement in the world for IoT ‘device-to-cloud’solution

Topic : IOT

The New advanced solution will revolutionize global IOT deployment by delivering out of the box 99.8% uptime...

Kundankulam Nuclear Powerplant(KKNPP) at Cyber threat

Topic : CyberSecurity

On 28th October 2019, Cyber-attack threat fears impacted KKNPP when a person tweeted on Twitter who claims to be former official ...

DevOps Trends with evolving Kubernetes

Topic : Digital Transformation

DevOps is trending due to inclusion of AI and Security as well as strategic shift towards Automation and Deployment...