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With an established presence in South East Asia market, we offer an array of proprietary products and solutions to best serve our customers’ digital transformation requirements in any business vertical to increase productivity, optimize operational performance and measured ROI.

Digital Media Products


A Video Streaming Platform lets you archive your video collection and access them when needed


Connect with your remote audience with our live webcasting service. Perfect to stream workshops, conferences, panel discussions and more!


Offers a complete flexibility by providing the targeted learners with the freedom to choose the time, place, and pace of study


Allows you to serve any kind of media content to end systems in a swift and efficient way through internet/intranet


Provide the broadcast quality experience to your users on any device through our 1 million+ sq. ft. of data centre space spread across 44 locations worldwide


The proximity -based technology guides your guests towards their destination besides help tracking your assets in real time and prevents from being misplaced

IoT Products


Provides seamless mobility integrations to your existing Infra and helps update the inter warehouse transfers of inventories with ease


An integrated cloud-based Inventory & accounting management solution to help wholesalers and retailers optimize inventory, omnichannel strategy and customer experience whilst innovating and growing business.

Cyber Security Products


Real-time security analytics platform that enables CIOs to have a 360⁰ view of all end-points and help detect user-based threats, if any

Evvo WAF

A Cloud Firewall helps defend against emerging threats to web security while keeping your application performance high

Cyber Security Products

Veroguard Card

The VeroCard is an ultra-secure (in built HSM), unified, universal and portable digital identity that fits in your wallet.

Veroguard Mod

VeroMod is a non-repudiable digital identity for any internet connected device that utilises (HSM) embedded Digital ID and encryption.

Veroguard Vault

More than just backup and recovery, it lets you maximize business uptime, lower storage and operational costs, and support cyber resiliency.

Veroguard Vision

A surveillance solution for a real-time security of your assets, employees, data, devices and information.

IoT Products


DynoSense provides life-enhancing products and services through an accurate, secure, and simple to use AI Powered Data Analytics platform.


Vertically integrated B2B productivity & workflow management platform for property maintenance & all stakeholders in facilities management

IoT Products


Seeloz' Supply Chain Automation Suite (SCAS) is an AI-Driven solution that minimizes supply chain inefficiencies and costs, in addition to optimizing profitability


Multi-entity cloud integrated application that streamlines CRM, engagement management, manpower allocation, HRMS and accounting process to improve productivity, profitability and turnaround time.

Blockchain Products


BlockCluster is an enterprise cloud platform that allows developers to build, manage and scale their dapps using any blockchain protocol of choice with multiple deployment options


EduChain is a revolutionary product that leverages the power of blockchain to verify the educational background of an individual and authenticate it against forgery.

Cyber Security Products

Imperva WAF

Analyzes and inspects requests coming into applications and shields your information from any malicious assaults and startling emergencies.

Imperva SecureSphere

A unified security platform that protects enterprise data and applications, in the cloud and data centers. Besides, offers protection even for data in the Microsoft Azure and AWS

Crest PenTest

We Provide Crest Certified PenTest for your products & applications


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