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Combat Sophisticated

Cyber Attacks

Your current cybersecurity technology stack determines the impact on your businesses when cyber attacks take place. The most effective strategy to mitigate and reduce the effects is to ensure you have a solid foundation to identify any technology gap, security risks and propose the most appropriate action to mitigate the attack.

Cloud computing, social media, mobile computing and hyper-connectivity have uncovered numerous new digital business opportunities and enhanced enterprise efficiency. However, this means that businesses expose larger attack surface to cyber-attacks and are now more vulnerable. They must safeguard their assets from prevalent as well as unforeseen risks.

EVVO with its very own sophisticated and enhanced SOC also partners with top cyber security vendors around the world and offer both bespoke and end to end solutions to any industries 24/7 365 days.

Professional Services

Our professional services cover Virtual CISO, Incident Response to Cyber Threats and Proactive hunting of anomalies. We also offer the following services:

1. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test
2. PCI-DSS Readiness Assessment
3. ISO 27001/NIST readiness assessment
4. Supplier Risk Framework & Maturity Assessment
5. Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
6. Risk & Compliance Maturity Assessment
7. z/OS Mainframe Security Assessment Services

CyberSecurity Advisory Assessment & Architecture Review

Our CyberSecurity Advisory, Assessment, and Architecture Review services help address the toughest security challenges. We use our expertise, experience, processes and proven methodologies to help enterprises increase their awareness and assessment of their current cybersecurity architecture and gaps within.

Detailed Analysis of CyberSecurity Gaps

Once gaps are identified, we provide comprehensive Security Analytics Platform and offer Identity and Access Management, Enterprise Vulnerability Management, Digital Forensics and Fraud Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Implementation of CyberSecurity Solutions

The implementation begins with a framework over a compliance checklist where we work with your network team and units in the organization to document policies and procedures and assign responsibilities and tasks to ensure accountability whilst we go about implementing CyberSecurity solutions and products such as WAF and DAM amongst other solutions as well as provide MSSP functions to protect the data integrity of the organization.

Managed Security Services

Security Operations including deployment services, device management services and 24/7 monitoring and escalation services These covers Cyber Vigilance Strategy, Architecture and Roadmap, Cyber Threat Modeling and Protection Program, Cyber Vigilance and Response Centre Maturity Assessment including Cloud Security Strategy.

Our Approach

Identify and protect high value assets through 24/7 365 days threat monitoring.


We have developed and deployed successful portfolios in the digital transformation journey of government agencies and SMEs spanning South East Asia geography.

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