Product Description

EvvoLive is a combination of hardware & software to deliver classroom like e-learning experience between Tutors/Mentors to listeners on the other side of content delivery

Key Features

Reach on social platforms

Reach on any smart devices

Stream live to web page

Support and services


Easily store, edit & share the contents of Video to anyone. Ability to integrate P2P streaming, embed videos into web & track the audiences/p>

Distribute Videos

up to 4K resolution video quality to your website

Secure your viewership

with password protection or even geo-blocking

Maintain Security

over sensitive training videos

Who can
use EvvoLive?

Any company which has the need to stream any of their events or meetings live onto a different location & make the videos available after the streaming can choose our platform

Is for

  • Lectures OR Seminars
  • Low Latency Broadcast
  • Global Announcement
  • Corporate TownHall Speeches
  • Event Live Broadcast