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Our IT solutions

Technology is becoming more and more sophisticated making projects more complex to deliver as customers are often unsure of how to formulate down to their exact requirements. With so many moving parts, and so many stakeholders involved in so many ways, many technology projects get delayed or end up unsuccessful.

We know the challenges and complexities most companies face, be it working with the different departments to define and write up proper and detailed requirements or working with the market to frame the opportunities and/or even managing different vendors at any singe time.

EVVO with its many years of experience in delivering integrated solutions to businesses is able to support the entire business IT needs and requirements through full project life-cycle from defining the business IT conceptual needs through to actualized outcomes via design to implementation to training and to staff support.

End to End IT Strategy Consulting

We formulate and plan complete IT Strategy with your IT Head and provide overall support implementation and conduct regular reviews.

Business Requirement Identification

Based on IT Solutioning brief, we collect the requirements that will drive your desired business outcomes. The output is a documented solution of sufficient detail to underpin further discussion and analysis and is suitable for presentation to stakeholders with detailed requirements that will drive the solution, the implementation, the testing and ultimately define the detailed change to the business.

Solution Identification

We use the requirements to research the marketplace through channels to provide a comprehensive list of options for the business to meet your requirements. We provide high level guidance around the costs, fit to the business and ease of use and provide a short list with the pros and cons identified and the unvarnished truth about the likely delivery, the issues others have faced and what the customer can expect from this implementation.

Vendor Management

We manage the engagement process and may bring in external vendors and brief them on the high level requirements, organize appropriate information and demos where appropriate. We also collate the information into a report and provide a recommendation about how best to proceed.

Tender Management

We either can implement the entire project if it is directly awarded to us or we can manage the tender for you, plan the tender process and work with the business to collect the appropriate information.

Solution Implementation (Change & Project Management)

We drive the implementation of the new solution, project manage and deliver change. We conduct training for your users and business alike with the solutions fully embedded and deliver results before sign off.

Our Approach

We are able to provide our Customers a suite of IT Solutions to meet their growing information technology needs and help them scale faster and more economical seamlessly.

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