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What We Do


We assess your existing pain point, identify the need for a blockchain solution for your business case and analyze how blockchain can add value to your business.

Strategy Workshops

We provide blockchain workshops to help you better understand blockchain technology and give you the basic knowledge to unlock the potential applications that may elevate your business to another level of trust.

We demonstrate how the blockchain can transform your industry with case studies of our projects.

Blockchain Advisory & Consulting

We listen to your requirements and design the most ideal solution and the various possible use cases of the proposed blockchain project for your organization.

DLT Architecture Planning

Customized DLT as per your business needs that is scalable, robust and leverage decentralized capabilities and transparency based on existing Blockchain frameworks.

STO White Paper & Launch Pad

From Security Token Offering application to helping your company create business and technical white paper, we provide an entire end to end STO services from conceptualization to implementation to deployment of tokens in Exchanges.

Blockchain Development & API Integration

We create products and solutions on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, Corda and Lisk applications that can be further developed, supported and integrated into any existing application using APIs.

Our Approach

We offer a blockchain consulting workshop that helps organizations outline a structured approach for distributed technology adoption to embed Blockchain based applications into their existing digital systems.

Related Case Studies

Supply Chain Traceability

Manufacturing Industry

Our Block Asset Chain helps track your product from raw material to production to end final consumer delivery completely immutable

Digitising E-Degrees

Education Sector

Universities, Colleges, Students as Partners, this Blockchain system gives a easy fool proof way of issuing degrees & verifying them

Lending & Borrowing Platform

Fintech Industry

Our P2P lending & borrowing platform helps in any parties to sign up, verify their credit profile & start borrowing & paying back

Document Process Workflow.

Any Industry

Based on the defined process, our Blockchain network provides immutable versioning of documents across your company

PO Financing & Invoice Discounting

Fintech Industry

For any Project financing & invoice discounting our Platform is key to verify authenticity & enable short term lending

P2P Open Trading with Built-In Escrows

Fintech Industry

Any two parties can onboard, digitally verify themselves & start open trading with inbuild Escrows with our Blockchain platform