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Some Representations of Industry & Business

As an IT Service provider, we are always exposed to various business verticals across industries. We have succeeded in many projects over these years. Some of our marque case studies across verticals and industries are:

Information Security Guide For Mas Technology Risk Management

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the central bank of Singapore.

Video Surveillance Systems and the Internet of Things

IoT refers to the growing billions of connected devices measuring, monitoring, collecting and sharing information without human interaction

Maintaining a Trusted Identity in the Digital Economy

As organisations battle the increasing cyber threat, the new hybrid IT environment and the end to the corporate network perimeter, identity

Addressing Blockchain Issues with Identity, Security & Scalability

Blockchains have several major barriers that make them impractical for mainstream use today. VeroGuard can accelerate blockchain commercialisation by helping to address some of the key issues of Identity and Security

Biometrics: Secure Authentication for the Future?

In this ever-modernising age, using biometrics to authenticate identity is becoming increasingly popular

User Space End Point Data Collection

The Basis for Powerful, Unobtrusive Detection and Response. Cybereason is the only endpoint detection and response solution based in the user space of the operating system

Top 10 Indicators of Data Abuse

Compromised Insiders| Database Service Account Abuse | Suspicious Application Data Access | Slow Rate File Access | Machine Takeover | Critical Credential Compromise | Unusual Cloud Access Attempts